Monday, 15 August 2011

day 10

I showered very carefully today, in the coolest water I could stand, and did everything very carefully throughout the day so that I didn't put pressure on the skin.  I also tried to stay as cold as I could put up with.

Something that gave me optimism first thing in the morning was that the diffuse rash had begun to fade from my neck and was no longer warm.  Despite finding new regions in my hands and feet during the night (including the soles and palms), it seemed to leave other regions alone, such as my forearms, calves, pelvic region, a patch above the sternum, and my head.

However, since new territory was found in the hands and feet, and since I had also run out of nutritious food, I went out to grab food at the markets and to buy some cortisone cream at the local pharmacy.  This ended up being useless, and probably activated more mast cells through rubbing it carefully on the skin than anything else.

By the end of the day, despite what I knew was coming with my hands and feet that night, I felt slightly optimistic that the places it had originated in had begun to fade.  My thighs, on the other hand, were virtually purple with what looked like old extravasated blood - and they were less hot than the previous night.  A pattern emerged: wherever there were greyish or purplish patches, there was little or no further rash.  So I had hope.  The battle now moved further towards the extremities.

This was the first night I didn't sleep on a bath towel, because I didn't need the wet flannels on my body.  I still needed them continually for my hands and feet, though, and these extremities gave me as much torment through the night as the rash in other parts of the body had, specifically because the fingers and toes would swell up and there's little room for the swelling to expand.  I ended up running cold water in the bath and anesthetising them in it for five minutes, at 1 am and 2 am (remember my apartment was already purposefully unheated, and it is the middle of winter) - they would heat up to burning point again after 30 minutes, but partial relief was at least some relief.

I finally got to sleep around 3 am, more due to physical exhaustion than any abatement of my symptoms.  From now on, my major battle at night would be with my hands and feet. 

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